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Premium Business success indicators are identified internationally through P/L and IPOs vocabulary. Yet, TAQNiiAT adds a unique identifier to the conventional mix by recognizing regional achievements that contribute to the progress, and prosper of the middle east region. “If it is good it will affect people near to it first.” is a quote of one of the founders, that summarizes the concept of what draws the attention of TAQNiiAT investment.


Information Technology and Telecommunication

Staying ahead mandates directing all of our energies towards coping with the increasing demands of the human race, and living in the information age guide these energies towards two converging huge markets: IT and Telco.

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Wise Investment

Long term investments with a sustainable growing annual profit does not mean disregarding quick investment options. Merger and Acquisition Team always thinks out of the box to recognize the optimum point of time to harvest the efforts exerted in any direction.

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Management Approach

TAQNiiAT Technical Management Team savvy exposure in the regional and international markets allows them to secure investments; by providing top notch management consultancy services to business partners. Management services ranges from participating in the board of directors, acting as C level executives, or merely availing management directions and business guidelines.


Portfolio Management

TAQNiiAT offers robust, easily customizable, and secure online tool for investors to monitor and manage their investment portfolio.


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Investors‘ Relations

TAQNiiAT investment and/or profit sharing options offer the following models:

  • Become a partner, and join shareholders
  • Provide cash investment, and enjoy annual return
  • Invest in a certain domain and/or idea
  • Share swapping between your company, and one (or more) of TAQNiiAT owned companies
  • Franchise TAQNiiAT model outside the middle east region

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Have an idea ? step ahead.

We are always looking for enthusiastic startups and unsatisfied established gurus. There is always a chance for growing bigger, and profits are just around the corner waiting for all of us to join efforts, and plan carefully.

Business Plan

If your three-to-five business plan is ready, please go ahead and contact us to submit your proposal. Our Investment Team will get back to you within 2-3 weeks from submitting.

If you do not have a business plan please download our template, fill it and submit

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